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Build Your Own Party

Fill out the form below to plan the pool party of your dreams! See our options below!

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Our party coordinator will be reaching out to you to coordinate details and answer any of your questions!

Splasher Party 

This is an hour of private swim time for you and your guests to rent the pool. No other classes, parties or activities are happening at this time. You will have a lifeguard and a party facilitator to help your party go smoothly. There are no organized games or special events, but ideal for the party-goer who cannot get enough of swimming for fun at the lake or the pool!

Cannonball Party 

This is an hour of organized games and fun contests that your swimmers will love to take part in. Splash contest (for biggest or smallest), diving for sinking toys, and races are all things you can expect to see in our fun-filled hour! 

Magical MerTails

In this hour-long Mertails experience, you and your friends will slide on tails and learn to swim like a merperson with a tail! After a brief swim test, you will be learning skills like dolphin kick, tail waves, bubble kisses and more! This course is filled with fun photo-ops and mermazing swimming experiences. This party requires participants that are ages 8+ and swimming level RSS 6 or equivalent.

Out Of Water Fun 

In this hour-long activity time, your guests will partake in one of our super fun day camp activities. Options like crafts, challenges, games, and movement are all things you can expect to see. Please reach out to see what activities we have available at this time of year!

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