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Rishona Hyman - Making a Splash in Winnipeg

“I truly believe that swimming lessons should be a priority. It is a life skill and more than that there is so much goodness that can come from a swimming lesson. I am motivated to change the way we, as a society, view swimming and first aid/CPR. The benefits on poverty, injury prevention, fitness and overall health are incredible.”

Experts urge Manitobans to be safe when swimming following 3 separate drownings

Rishona Hyman, founder of the Aqua Essence Swim Academy, says families that would usually take swimming lessons in the spring to prepare for the season haven’t been able to do that this year because of the pandemic.

“I’m so afraid of the summer ahead and everything that has taken place so far,” she said. “I only think it’s going to get worse.”

Hyman adds that people need to take it slow and be extra careful when going back into the water this summer after not being able to swim for so long.

“Remember the big threes: swim with a buddy, tell someone where you are going, and wear a life jacket.”

Virtual workshops empower young women

When the pandemic changed how Aqua Essence Swim Academycould offer, the owner of the club chose to help her athletes in other ways.

Daniella Ponticelli learns about a series of virtual workshops, open to all, helping to foster confidence in young girls and women.

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