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When you join Team Aqua, you are joining a community of supportive friends and incredible families. Watch your confidence skyrocket as you work towards your leadership skills, professional development goals, and make a positive impact on the community. But enough of us trying to formally “sell you” on a fancy part-time job, here is what you want to know, and what your future coworkers like about their jobs at Aqua:

  • Set Schedule (you don’t have to wait every 2 weeks to find out when you are working, your schedule is the same for months at a time)

  • Competitive Pay From The Beginning (increases even more with years of experience, and the more qualifications you have)

  • Personal Growth (communication skills, leadership skills, confidence, advocacy, taking caring of others)

  • Paid Professional Development Opportunities (they bring in speakers and run workshops that help you excel both in your job, and in the real world)

  • Be Celebrated For Who YOU Are + What YOU Bring To The Table (They are hiring you for a reason and aim to make you feel valued for that)

  • Inclusive Team (We have a tight knit crew that has basically turned into a big group of friends where everyone is welcome!)

  • Stepping Stone For Any Professional Field (We work with our network of families, businesses, and opportunities, to give our staff the experiences that will help them in their careers) 

  • Flexible Hours (we actually want our instructors to have a life outside of work!)

  • Stay Active While You Work (you will never get bored)

  • Pool Party Everyday (who wouldn’t want to jump in?)

To work at Aqua poolside, you need the following certifications:

  • Bronze Cross

  • CPR C

  • Standard First Aid

  • Criminal Record Check

  • Child Abuse Registry

  • One of: Water Safety Instructor, Lifesaving Instructor, or Ready Set Swim Instructor 


To work at Aqua in the classroom, you need the following certifications:

  • Standard First Aid 

  • Criminal Record Check

  • Child Abuse Registry

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
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