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Class Duration: 30 minutes, daily, Monday-Friday

Levels: Aqua Babies-Ready Set Swim Level 12

Class Sizes: Private 1:1, Semi-Private 2:1, and 3:1 options (after level 6 at Kenaston only), and aqua baby classes have max. 5 babies (offered at Kenaston or your own backyard only)

Location Options: 

Your Own Backyard Pool Lessons (Enrollment: April 5th)

Outdoor River Heights Location (Enrollment: April 11th)

Outdoor Garden City Location (Enrollment: April 11th)

Outdoor Windsor Park Location (Enrollment: April 11th)

White Lake-Whiteshell (Enrollment: April 19th)

Nutimik Lake-Whiteshell (Enrollment: April 19th)

Winnipeg Beach- Camp Massad Pool (Enrollment: April 19th)

Kenaston Location (Enrollment: April 26th)

Session Dates:

Week 0: June 26-June 30 (limited)

Week 1: July 4th- July 7th 

Week 2: July 10th- July 14th

Week 3: July 17th- July 21st

Week 4: July 24th-July 28th

Week 5: July 31st- August 4th

Week 6: August 8th- August 11th

Week 7: August 14th- August 18th

Week 8: August 21st- August 25th

Week 9: August 28th- September 1st (limited)

Session Costs: 

Your OWN Pool: Private 1:1- $300, Semi-Private 2:1- $200

Outdoor Location: Private 1:1- $255, Semi-Private 2:1- $155

Whiteshell: Private 1:1- $300, Semi-Private 2:1- $200 

Winnipeg Beach: Private 1:1- $300, Semi-Private 2:1- $200

Kenaston Location: Private 1:1- $255, Semi-Private 2:1- $155

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