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Manitoba's Leading Swim School
focused on helping students of all ages to swim; from infants to seniors

"I wanted to take a moment to put down in writing how exceptional your customer service is. This is the only company we receive reminders for when our lessons start, who our instructor is and where we should met them. Thank you again for how much effort you put into making sure your clients are so well taken care of."

- Darla Gauthier

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  • Fill out the Registration Form to create a portal account 

  • Do not select "Enroll in classes" or "Select classes" 

  • The form asks for payment info, but you will NOT be charged until you enroll 

  • You will receive an email when this is complete!

  • Log in to your portal and click "Find Classes"

  • Click "Find Classes for all ages"

  • Click "Add a filter" to filter your search for classes by session, location, or day of the week

  • Once you add a class to cart, check out immediately and click "pay now" as it will not hold the spot in your cart.

  • You'll receive a confirmation that your enrollment was successful!

  • Closer to the session, the office will email with any information you need to know!

  • Reach out to if you need anything!


After 20+ years of teaching Red Cross Levels combined with our Ready, Set, Swim! teaching techniques, the Red Cross has exited the Aquatics industry. Rather than signing up for a program that does not meet our quality standard, we simply formalized the teaching techniques we had already been using, into a full curriculum with our own measures of success. Ready, Set, Swim! has 12 levels that were created in a way to empower, build comfort, confidence, and skills for life.

Upon completion, swimmers will know how to confidently swim in both shallow and deep water, with advanced technique that could even land them a place on a competitive swim team if they wanted to. As Ready, Set, Swim! has grown, we are consistently told that there is truly no other swim program like ours – that we are “unique”. What sets us apart is the amount of freedom within our framework that allows every lesson to meet the individual needs of a swimmer. There is something for everyone; caregivers with infants as young as 4 months, fearful 9-year olds, to over-confident 3-year olds, seniors, triathletes… and the list goes on.


We would love to hear from you!


Aqua Essence Swim Academy Headquarters

1585 Kenaston Blvd #4,

Winnipeg, MB Canada R3P 2N3,

Call 204-275-AQUA (2782)

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