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Step 1: Set your alarm for 9:00 am on Monday (March 18th, April 1st, April 8th, April 15th)


Step 2: Make sure you can log into your portal and be sure that your credit card information is updated and correct. 


Step 3: On Thursday (March 21st, April 4th, April 11th, April 18th) at 9:00 am, email with the following information:

  • Your Name

  • Your Swimmers' Name

  • RSS Level and Age

  • Preferred location and Time of Lessons

  • 1:1 Private or 2:1 Semi-Private (if you have your own second swimmer)

  • Preferred Phone Number (should we require additional information)

Step 4: You did it! Now, you can sit back, relax, and wait for a reply from our customer service team. All emails will be answered in the order they are received. We will get back to every email. In order for us to do this, we ask that you communicate only through email, we will not be on voicemails and phones in order to keep it fair for everyone. We also ask that you do not reach out through social media as they will not be monitored on enrollment days. Please do not call or text Rishona, Mitchell or any other staff member's personal cell phones for enrollment.

Step 5: You will receive a confirmation and receipt from our team once your card on file has been charged. Payment is due in full opon enrollment. 


If you would rather enroll via the online portal, you may do so beginning March 21st following the instructions below.

Should you have any questions about Outdoor Pool Enrollment prior to Monday, please reach out to

Register _ Enroll _ Swim.png
  • Fill out the Registration Form to create a portal account 

  • Do not select "Enroll in classes" or "Select classes" 

  • The form asks for payment info, but you will NOT be charged until you enroll 

  • You will receive an email when this is complete!

  • Log in to your portal and click "Find Classes"

  • Click "Find Classes for all ages"

  • Click "Add a filter" and select location from the drop down menu.

  • Click on your desired location.

  • You can also filter by "Select Session" and choose the week you want from the drop-down list

  • Once you add a class to cart, check out immediately and click "pay now" as it will not hold the spot in your cart.

  • You'll receive a confirmation that your enrollment was successful!

  • Closer to the session, the office will email with any information you need to know!

  • Reach out to if you need anything!

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